Panini di Mare: a gourmet sea of ​​possibilities!

Panini di Mare is a new and revolutionary way of thinking and eating seafood.

An Italian fast food, a countertendency, a revolution.

It's the sea taste available whenever and wherever you want.

It's a sea restaurant, a breath of fresh air that becomes your favorite place for a quick lunch or a healthy and genuine aperitif.


Panini di Mare was born in the sea, but its vision is forward-looking. Our franchising has already opened its doors to Milan, Turin and Peschici to bring the quality of our products wherever you want, because the genuine taste of fresh fish is free from the idea of ​​a big meal.


Here at Spiaggia Lunga, Mario Ottaviano, the Panini di Mare chef together with his co-creator Ersilia Montalto, has decided to expand this taste experience by proposing a menu rich in refinement, freshness and novelty.

Panini di Mare Gourmet is our corner dedicated to seafood.

Here you can choose your sandwich, tartare or seafood salad, or you can get comfortable on our white deck, facing directly the beach, and choose from the selection of the catch of the day, the ingredients for your excellent zero miles dinner that enhances the unique flavor of genuine local products.


Panini di Mare Gourmet, is a unique, young and fragrant place on the Santa Maria di Merino beach, in Vieste.

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Litoranea Vieste - Peschici Km7

P.O. Box 317/71019, Vieste - Gargano

p.iva 00344600713


+39 0884 706586 - 706171

+39 3358444525

Fax +39 0884 705308


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