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At Villaggio Camping Spiaggia Lunga we have always cared about the comfort, health and safety of you and our staff.

In these days of particular uncertainty, we first of all want to assure you that we have taken all the safety precautions and that, upon reopening, you will find everything you love about this place.

Below you will find all the initiatives and dedicated services that we will launch to make your stay as comfortable, peaceful and safe as ever.


This information has been prepared on the basis of currently available knowledge relating to the transmission and spread of the Covid-19 virus. The listed measures will be updated when necessary, as a result of new guidelines, procedures or regulations issued by the relevant authorities and by the Company.

We therefore invite you to return to visit it in the days preceding your stay, or subscribe to our newsletter to automatically receive all the updates in this regard.

Below are the measures and requirements defined by the guidelines of the Puglia Region relating to outdoor accommodation and the services related to them.


To fill in the self-report form of the Puglia Region, click here.





The Green Pass is not required to enter in the Village or to use our services.


The Green Pass must be shown only for access to indoor services, our restaurants, bars, swimming pools, sports fields and all entertainment activities that take place outdoors in areas with ample outdoor space, which is why no certification is required to use them.

No. 243 of the Register


OBJECT: D.P.C.M. MAY 17, 2020 - Update and integration of Regional Guidelines on economic and production activities pursuant to the Ordinance of the President of the Puglia Region May 17, 2020 n. 237.


Version 1.1

May 24, 2020



Reception of guests and general recommendations

Each incoming guest may be asked to sign a self-certification on health conditions.
Staff can subject guests to body temperature measurements.
In any case, the guest will be required to promptly declare where, even after entry, there are dangerous conditions (symptoms of flu, onset of fever, etc.).

The company undertakes to take all the measures aimed at avoiding gatherings and reducing the time spent in the reception area, such as:


  • request guests to send the property, prior to arrival, all the information necessary for registration, as well as a copy of the identity document that will be shown on arrival;

  • favor electronic payment methods and online booking management, with automated check-in and check-out systems (where possible);

  • in the case of multiple bookings (groups, family groups, etc.), the group leader or the head of the family will act as the sole agent for the check-in procedure and for all other direct contact needs at the reception;

  • to contain the formation of queues, it will be possible to withdraw the document after accessing the structure, and conclude the registration procedure at a later time;

  • the room keys will always be disinfected. Disinfection will also affect the key ring, if present;

  • the parking of any car, if possible, must be carried out by the guest, otherwise suitably trained employees will take care of it;

  • accompaniment on a pitch, mobile home or bungalow by adequately trained staff (e.g. camping steward) who illustrates to customers the prevention measures to be respected;

  • the mobile means of overnight accommodation for guests (tents, caravans, campers ..) must be positioned inside delimited pitches, so as to guarantee compliance with the measures of social distancing between the various crews. The social distancing must also be maintained in the case of the use of accessories or appliances, such as tables, chairs, beds or deckchairs;

  • the use of the shuttles will be such as to allow respect for interpersonal distance. The distance may be waived in the case of people who are part of the same family or who have traveled together or share accommodation. In other cases, in addition to spacing, it is also necessary to use the mask;

  • where possible, entry and exit routes will be differentiated.


It is also specified that:


  • the internal and external spaces, service hours and operating methods will be remodeled to ensure interpersonal distancing of at least one meter and avoid gatherings;

  • every object (e.g. bicycles, computers, ...) supplied to the guests for use by the structure will be sanitized before and after each use;

  • a wide availability and accessibility to hand hygiene systems with hydro-alcoholic solutions in various locations inside the structure will be guaranteed;

  • it is necessary to use respiratory protection in confined places open to the public (e.g. reception).

  • guests of the structure from the age of 6 will be required to respect the active rules for the whole population regarding the use of masks, and in particular when they are in indoor spaces when, for example, commercial activities, common areas or toilets, or when for any reason it is not possible to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter (except for those belonging to the same family unit).


The staff is required to use the mask always when it is in the presence of guests and in any case in which it is not possible to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.




Organization, cleaning and disinfection of common areas


  • The floors of the common areas are washed and disinfected with products suitable for the different types of materials at least twice a day, and in any case with an appropriate frequency for crowding them during the day;

  • for furniture and all contact surfaces, periodic disinfection is carried out, the closer the greater the flow of guests;

  • push-button panels and other surfaces and furnishings in frequent contact with guests (handrails, light switches, lift buttons, door and window handles, pool and relaxation loungers, chairs, benches and other seats and furnishings in general) are cleaned whenever repeated use by customers requires it;

  • common structures (bathrooms, toilets, showers, sinks, sinks) will be managed to make use possible by respecting the interpersonal spacing of at least 1 meter and avoiding gatherings. Particular attention will be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of shared toilets, showers and washbasins. Thorough cleaning and disinfection will be performed at least 2 times a day. Due to a higher turnout of guests, in the case of occupancy of more than 70% of the pitches without toilets in the structure (thus excluding mobile homes, bungalows and pitches with private bathrooms), cleaning and disinfection will be carried out at least 3 times per day. In any case, cleaning and disinfection kits will always be present in the points of sale of the structure for use independently before using the service;

  • in general, in all environments where workstations and personnel are present, good air exchange will be guaranteed by opening the different windows and balconies more frequently. In the case of service rooms without windows, but equipped with mechanical fans / extractors, these will be kept in operation for at least the entire working time.

The company will provide suitable detergent means for a recommended frequent hand cleaning (unit for dispensing disinfectant gel in different areas).

The leisure and entertainment activities are reorganized and in small groups with spaces and times in order to allow the distancing. Initiatives that could lead to potential gatherings are eliminated.
The outdoor children's play areas will be delimited and identified, indicating the maximum number of children allowed within the area. Children are subject to parental supervision for compliance with the indications provided.

Sports activities are allowed in dedicated spaces and always respecting the interpersonal distancing required by current legislation. There are no particular critical issues in relation to individual sports which can therefore be regularly practiced in compliance with interpersonal distancing measures.
As for sports in pairs or in teams (tennis, beach volleyball, five-a-side football, etc.), it will be necessary to comply with the indications provided in this regard by the Ministry of Sport and the federation for sports (CONI, SPORTS FEDERATIONS), inhibiting the types of sports activities that are prohibited.



Cleaning and disinfection of apartments / bungalows


  • The staff in charge of cleaning and remaking the rooms and cleaning and common areas are equipped with individual protection devices necessary for the proper performance of the work entrusted to them;

  • the cleaning of the apartments / bungalows will follow the extraordinary protocols developed by the Company, so as to ensure effective disinfection of the premises, surfaces and furnishings contained in them;

  • for each apartment will be used cleaning material (cloths, wipes and everything necessary for cleaning and dusting) disposable or previously treated with a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution for 10 minutes or with another treatment of equal effectiveness;

  • the bedroom linen will be washed and disinfected according to procedures that guarantee total sanitization and delivered in sealed packages;

  • as regards the air conditioning system, cleaning and disinfection of the local terminal devices will be carried out at each guest change.



Restaurant, Bar and food and drink retail stores

The SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads by inter-human infection, and there is no evidence of food transmission associated with food business operators or food packaging (source WHO). In any case, the Company guarantees food safety through a combined approach of prevention and control.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, basic hygiene and health standards will be integrated with a series of extraordinary measures for the protection of food hygiene, such as:


  • targeted information and training on prevention measures for personnel involved in handling, preparing and administering food and drinks;

  • control of respect for interpersonal distance (at least one meter between one person and another with the exception of people who are not subject to interpersonal distancing according to the provisions in force) in the areas intended for the sale and administration of food and drinks (breakfast room, bar , restaurant, market etc.) through: vertical and horizontal signs; remodeling of tables and seats; by defining a predetermined maximum capacity limit; differentiated entry / exit routes, where possible;

  • making available for staff and guests alcoholic disinfectant solutions for hand hygiene, with firm indication of use before accessing the services attached to the structure;

  • cleaning and disinfection of toilets for patrons several times a day, also based on the turnout of those who use them;

  • allow the drink at the counter only if the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between customers can be ensured, with the exception of people who, according to current provisions, are not subject to interpersonal distancing (this aspect pertains to individual responsibility);

  • use of a mask by the service staff in contact with guests, who will carry out frequent hand hygiene with hydro-alcoholic solutions;

  • cleaning and disinfection, at the end of each table service, of surfaces that have not been covered with tablecloths (disposable or to be replaced at each service);

  • buffet service with self service is not allowed.


It should be noted that guests will have to wear a mask in preparation for or after the meal at the table (e.g. movements, use of toilets).

With regard to the purchase operations in the sales of basic necessities, it should be noted that the guest must wear disposable mask and gloves, to guarantee the hygiene and safety of the products. The disposable gloves must be worn only at the time of entry into the food sales business (the use of gloves with which objects or surfaces have been touched outside of the business is not appropriate). In the absence of these requirements, it is necessary - for the purposes of protecting the hygiene of the food on display - to always disinfect the hands ('gloved' or not) with the sanitizing gels made available by the operators.

In compliance with all the COVID-19 provisions issued by the Government, by the Regions and at local level, to avoid crowding the premises for sale and preparation / administration of food and drinks and to meet guests' requests, the Company has decided to carry out the service of food delivery (first courses, main courses, side dishes, kinds of pizzeria etc etc and of the products on sale at the structure's supermarket).

In addition, ready-to-eat meals (already portioned and packaged) of some dishes will be available at our restaurants.
The order can be made directly by the guest by telephone.
Packaging, transport and delivery will be carried out in compliance with the sanitation regulations.






  • A program of activities will be drawn up as planned as possible in order to dissuade any conditions of aggregations and to regulate the flows of waiting areas and in the various areas, to encourage compliance with the social distance of at least 1 meter.

  • The pool area will be equipped with a dispenser with hydroalcoholic solutions for the hand hygiene of guests in clearly visible points at the entrance, with the obligation to use.

  • The arrangement of the equipment (deck chairs, sun loungers) will be designed to favor dedicated paths in order to guarantee the social distancing of at least 1.5 meters between people who do not belong to the same family or cohabitants.

  • In order to ensure a level of protection, the effectiveness of the water treatment chain will be ensured. The limits established by law will be strictly ensured in the presence of bathers. The frequency of on-the-spot checks of the parameters will not be less than two hours. All corrective measures will be promptly adopted in case of non-compliance, as well as in the approach of the value at the table limit.

  • Before the opening of the tank, the suitability of the water for bathing will be confirmed following the carrying out of chemical and microbiological analyzes of the parameters carried out by a specific laboratory. The laboratory analyzes will be repeated during the entire period of opening of the swimming pool to the public on a monthly basis, unless necessary.

  • As usual, compliance with the hygienic safety rules in swimming pool water will be mandatory, that is, before entering the water, an accurate soapy shower must be provided on the whole body and the use of a swimming cap remains mandatory.

  • It will be absolutely forbidden to spit, blow your nose, urinate in water. Very young children will need to wear containment diapers.

  • The cleaning and disinfection of common areas, changing rooms, cabins, showers, toilets, equipment (deck chairs, chairs, beds, including floating equipment, boats etc.) will be guaranteed in a frequent and timely manner.

  • Equipment such as sunbeds, deck chairs, umbrellas etc. they will be disinfected at every change of person or family. Otherwise the sanitization will be guaranteed at the end of each day.

  • Parents / carers must take care to supervise the children for compliance with the distance and the hygiene-behavioral rules compatibly with their degree of autonomy and their age.





  • The Establishment will be equipped with a fence in compliance with the provisions of the Bathing Ordinance and will guarantee an adequate number of controlled access gates, such as to guarantee respect for interpersonal distance and avoid gatherings, through separate dedicated paths for entry and exit.

  • All services strictly related to bathing, present in the establishment, are for the exclusive use of guests of the same.

  • Accompaniment to the umbrella will be provided by plant staff who will explain to customers the prevention measures to be respected.

  • Sanitizing products will be made available to customers and staff at various points in the plant.

  • Assemblies of people will be prohibited to ensure the maintenance of at least 1 meter of separation between users, with the exception of members of the same family or cohabitants.

  • A spacing between the umbrellas will be ensured to ensure an area of ​​at least 10m2 for each umbrella.

  • Passages will be provided that allow you to reach the shore or the common services without having to cross the surface occupied by other swimmers.

  • Among the beach equipment (sunbeds, deck chairs), when not placed in the umbrella place, a distance of at least 1.5 meters must be guaranteed.

  • Bathing must comply with the rules relating to social distancing without ever derogating from the permitted distances.

  • In the areas of access to showers / fountains, devices or solutions will be provided that will ensure the regular flow of bathers while maintaining the safety distances

  • Regular and frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas, changing rooms, cabins, showers, toilets, etc. will be guaranteed, however ensured after the plant is closed.

  • Equipment such as sun beds, deck chairs, umbrellas, floating equipment, etc. they will be disinfected at every change of person or family. In any case, sanitation will be guaranteed at the end of the day.

  • The staff will be equipped with appropriate PPE and will be obliged to adopt PPE in case of close contact with swimmers. The lifeguards emergency kit will be integrated with additional equipment compared to what is already provided for by current legislation.

  • Individual sports that usually take place on the beach (e.g. rackets) or in the water (e.g. swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing) can be practiced regularly, in compliance with interpersonal distancing measures.

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